Monday, June 29, 2009

2010 Jitters

As the election day draws nearer, those who are actively monitoring the preparations cannot help but feel some degree of apprehension. Are we going to be successfull in our poll automation efforts? Will election-related violence be avoided? Most importantly, will the entire process reflect the collective will of the majority

I have often heard people complaining about the blatantly outrageous overspending by some politicians on their propaganda machinery. Indeed, it has reached a scandalous level, even if these potential candidate are allegedly using their own private funds.

If money will continue to be the main factor , instead of competence and development programs/visions, in the electoral exercise perhaps we should introduce a radical change in the 1987 Philippine Constitution. Let us remove the provisions on elections. Instead, let us set up all elective positions for auctions/biddings! Those who can offer the highest price, or perhaps give every voter the highest amount, will get the position! That way, we avoid the messy electoral exercise and drop all pretensions of democratic ideals. Let us talk business and do business.

But of course, very few will agree to charter change before 2010 (a fact which majority of the congressmen/women prefers to ignore). Thus my proposal may have to wait after this 2010 elections. so we are back to where we started:

What will the 2010 elections do to us? Will it restore the peoples’ faith in our democratic institutions? Will it empower the marginalized? Or will it bring to the surface and simply legitimize a new ruling elite?

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