Friday, August 29, 2008

Go for it!

Several reasons why I am supporting the bid of Msgr. Nono Sanado to become a member of the CASURECO 2 Board of Directors:

1. as a consumer, I feel the need for more significant participation of the member-consumers in the affairs of the cooperative. at the same time,it is so frustrating when I feel that the cooperative is not intent on opening itself up to significnt consumer intervention. thus, there is a need to install more leaders who are willing to open up the cooperative and engage the consumers as partners!

2. as a citizen/Nagueno, i believe that transparency and accountability is an imperative every elected leader must uphold. unfortunately, this is not always the case. citizens are then compelled to learn the art of lobying and social movements. groups and organizations are manifestations of collective sentiments. it is extremely important that agenda and interest can be articulated, not only by institutions and leaders, but by the citizens themselves.

3. as a Catholic, i am so proud of a clergyman who identifies with and works for the laity. the seed of solidarity that is sown, when social stratification and differentiation is partly obliterated by common aspirations, actually strengthens the church! the inspiration that is generated when a priest becomes a servant-leader goes beyond this generation. and it makes me proud to be a catholic!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

"An Tama, Tama! An Sala, Sala!"

Mons. Nono Sanado is running unopposed. It seems he will be riding high into CASURECO 2 Board of Directors fuelled by the clamor for change and passion for involvement among consumers.

This early, the prelate intends to visit each barangay for a hectic consultation schedule with electric consumers. Such process will not only be campaign sorties but also the initial organizing work for barangad-based consumer groups. It is hoped that upon assumption to office, the prelate will maintain tight working collaboration with the consumer groups in his area of responsibility.

Thus the general call of Mons. Sanado: "An Tama, Tama! An Sala, Sala!" becomes a rallying point for improving the management and service-delivery of CASURECO 2 via greater participation and involvement of the member-consumers.

Consumers are then confronted by a three-pronged challenge: 1. organize themselves and get their acts together; 2. establish working relations with Mons. Sanado, particularly on policy directions to be pursued via the Board; and 3. go out and vote on August 30 as Mons. Sanado calls for more voter turn-out in the elections.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Im Back!

Its been a while since my last entry in this blog. A lot has happened since then. And a lot more is bound to happen soon.

At the moment, we have several interseting phenomenon in the socio-political arena. Mons. Nono Sanado, the parish priest of the Metropolitan Cathedral, is running for a slot in the CASURECO 2 Board of Directors, to represent the North District (at least 15 barangays in Naga City, including the Naga City Public Market).

The Metro Naga Consumer Group has engaged the prelate in their advocacy for wider consumer participation, more transparency and accountability, as well as meaningful reforms in the cooperative.

In the national scene, the Memorandum of Agreement on Ancestral Domain (MOA-AD) is turning out to be the GMA administrations latest justification for charter change. CHACHA and the MOA-AD is now being peddled as the solution to the peace problems in Minadanao.

In response, the Coalition for a Citizens Consititution (C4CC) has launched a capaign premised on the following: (1)affirm the struggle for self-determination of Moros as crucial element in the attainment of PEACE , (2)TANGO before CHACHA; GMA must be out of the picture before we talk about changes in the Philippine Constitution; (3)PEACE and CHACHA must be a truthful, transparent, and participatory process; (4)elections of CONCON delegates may be undertaken simultanoeously with the 2010 elections; (5)FEDERALISM must ensure greater resources and power to the citizens, not to local warlords.

The Camarines Sur NGO-PO Formation has also started consolidating its ranks. Several engagements are underway, particularly its membership to the Coalition for Bicol Development (CBD). CBD is a regional network affiliated with the CAUCUS OF DEVELOPMENT NGOS (CODE-NGO).

Of course, we cannot ignore the coming 2010 national elections. Presidentiables have been shuttling back and forth to Naga City. Aspirants for various positions in the local and national level are starting to make their presence felt in various ways. I even heard that campaign funds are strating to circulate this early.

I will discuss these concerns in my coming blog postings. For the moment, I just want to mention those highlights cited above. My blogspot is back.