Thursday, July 2, 2009

Worst fear getting real!

I have always expressed apprehension over the tight schedule which COMELEC is working with as it tries to implement poll automation. Unfortunately, such apprehensions are slowly getting confirmed! A major hitch in the process is encountered by the “falling out” between the local and foreign partners of the consortium that won the bidding process.

I have also expressed the fear that if elections will not be credible, this will hasten the deterioration of our democratic institutions, encouraging adventurism among elements of the left and of the right. Indeed, we are now getting reports about coup d’etat and bombs planted and/or exploding in government offices.

This is not a very comforting scenario. I am convinced that vigilant citizens must start making the move, bonding towards a more decisive mobilization for the protection of our fragile democracy.

We will never bow down to authoritarianism. Nor will we be silenced by intimidation and coercion!

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