Monday, December 9, 2013

Reflections and insights on Bicol Autonomy Movement

I had a very insightful interaction with the former Chief Justice Reynato Puno last Saturday during the 4th Anniversary of Bicol Autonomy Movement! Among others, he cited the historical facts how our democracy has evolved into a government of the few, for the benefit of the few. But most important, he recognizes relevance of direct peoples action such as the BAM in deepening our knowledge and stake in Philippine democracy.

I see several challenges for the Bicol Autonomy Movement. Socio-cultural, political-legal, and economic factors seem to conspire against BAM.

But if we continue to draw strength and lessons from the experiences of Bicolanos and  of the Bicol Region, I am very confident that we will overcome these challenges!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

political democracy

hindi sapat na meron tayong matapat, matalino, o magaling na pambansang lider. 
mas mahalaga na meron tayong mga pamayanan na mapagmatyag at nakikialam sa 
pamamahala ng ating bayan! 
at pinakamahalaga na ang kapangyarihan ay nasa kamay ng mga pamayanang ito 
at hindi sa kamay ng iilan!

Reforms in the government

After the two-day discourse on the state of reforms under Aquino, i am more convinced
 than ever that the ultimate battleground is in the local governments. Unless there 
is significant transformations in the relationship between the national and local 
governments, the quest for "superheroes" will continue. 
The national government seems to be  consistently failing us. Unless it is propped 
up by local governments showing the way towards good governance. 
But if national leaders will continue to look at the locals as subordinates and 
inferior, and the locals also believing that!, then we really need miracle workers 
for reforms to be implemented! 
At this point, champions for reforms can help us, but ultimately, it is empowerment 
of the regions that will save us!

Saturday, October 19, 2013


When our self-awareness is not consistent anymore with how others perceive us: potential crisis situation!

Friday, October 18, 2013

lalim at lawak ng pagkawasak

Ngayon lang tumama sa akin kung gaano kalalim ang ginawang pagwasak sa mga demokratikong institusyon ng ating bayan! Presidente, korte suprema, kongreso, senado, gsis, sss, at iba pa ay lahat dapat matuto sa obligasyon nila sa mamamayang Pilipino! Kayong mga pinagkatiwalaan namin sa pag-aayos ng mga institusyong ito, huwag sanang makalimot na mulat at nagmamasid kaming taumbayan sa bawat galaw ninyo! Lalo na kayong mga Bikolano/a! Ang inyong mga kababayan ay matagal nang nakalugmok sa kahirapan. Huwag ninyong hintayin ang lantarang pag-aalsa!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Earthquake in Visayas

Bohol, Cebu, and Iloilo are reeling from the trembling of the earth! May we continue to draw courage from each other and rise from these disasters (both natural and man-made) as a people. Our faith and solidarity strengthen us.

Restore democracy, strengthen democratic institutions

I reiterate again the call for all of us: citizenship
2.prosecution of those who have committed crimes against the people
3.restore the peoples faith in our democratic institutions-executive, legislative, judicial branches of the government, constitutional commissions, and local government units


why are transitions so often difficult? just when i thought i had it all figured out, life throws a setback. anyway, keep movin' and keep livin'.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

positions of power, influence, and authority must be effectively tempered by notions of servant leadership, stewardship, and the common good.