Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Restore democracy, strengthen democratic institutions

I reiterate again the call for all of us:
1.active citizenship
2.prosecution of those who have committed crimes against the people
3.restore the peoples faith in our democratic institutions-executive, legislative, judicial branches of the government, constitutional commissions, and local government units


  1. active citizenship entails the assumption of responsibility over our socio-political life. reducing the leader-centered and mendicant attitude nurtured by unscrupulous politicians among voters over the years will not be easy. but empowerment must not be compromised by trade-offs and vested interests.

  2. the prosecution of criminals must be undertaken without let-up! as opposed to the perverted idea peddled by some that charity must be dispensed to these offenders, present and future local and national leaders should realize that the people will judge them for the services rendered. when the people are the aggrieved party, no political leader can ever presume to dispense charity on their behalf.

  3. and finally, there is an urgent need to restore the peoples trust and confidence towards our democratic institution. failure to do so will always spawn adventurism and revolts. democracy is anchored on a government that is accountable to its people, on institutions that exist to render services to the people.