Monday, July 20, 2009

Consumer Forum in CASURECO 2 Area

Dear Fellow CASURECO 2 Consumers:

The member-consumers of the CAMARINES SUR 2 ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE (CASURECO 2) have been hearing and reading media reports about the brewing trouble in the electric cooperative. The management is having problems about positions and jurisdictions. The workers are having problems with their payrolls and compensation. Legal cases were filed by the affected parties in various courts, including the National Electrification Administration.

It will only be a matter of time before ordinary consumers like us are affected by this predicament of the electric cooperative. Along this line, the Metro Naga Consumers Group in partnership with other socio-civic organizations decided to pursue a bold initiative aimed at providing a venue for the articulation of consumers perceptions, sentiments, and recommendations. In this forum, we hope to:

1. Provide a venue for member-consumers to protect and assert their rights over the conduct and governance of the electric cooperative;

2. Provide a venue for CONSUMER-ORIENTED discussion of the issues and problems hounding CASURECO 2;

3. Provide a venue for generating consensus on consumer interventions and actions towards CASURECO 2.

Along this line, may we invite you and your organization to the CONSUMERS FORUM ON THE CASURECO 2 PREDICAMENT, 1:30PM, 31 JULY 2009, at the Naga City Youth Center, Civic Center Compound, Naga City. Please be advised that the forum is exclusively for ordinary consumers, thus excluding the participation of any CASURECO 2 officials or workers.

Thank you and we hope to see you and your group in the forum.

Metro Naga Consumer Group
Metro Naga Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Kapisanan ng mga Brodkaster sa Pilipinas-Cam. Sur Chapter
Naga City Peoples Council
ADNU Social Involvement Council

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