Thursday, May 24, 2012

Why do the things that we do? Is it for the rewards that we get, like recognition or money? Do we always seek to prove ourselves to others, that we are better than the rest? Or do we strive to gain more riches, that we are well off than the others? Or is it also possible to do things simply because it is what we wanted to do, that it is what our heart tells us to pursue, that it is what our conscience compels us to undertake? Every now and then, I do the latter and it makes me feel very good and proud of myself. But most of the time, circumstances and the people around me compels a personal response anchored on the pursuit of fame, recognition, and wealth. Every time this sinks into my consciousness, I find comfort in the realization that I am still evolving as a dynamic being. Whenever I get into these predicament, I am always reminded of my ambivalence. Anchored on my faith, the continuing struggle of my life: "pagpapakatao at pagkamakatao" takes on a very profound and personal dimension.

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