Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Senate Investigation

As the daily media coverage of the on-going Senate investigation into alleged anomalies in the military bombarded my senses, I cant help but get a certain feeling of dejavu. Been there, seen that...?

Consequently, these questions pop up in my head: Where is this investigation, with all the media hype, taking us? What legislative measures, if any, will be enacted after this investigation is completed? What will be the predicament of the personalities involved, both the accused and the witnesses?

And relating these questions to previous senate investigations,where have those investigations taken us, aside from the daily media attention generating public opinion? What legislative measures had been enacted, upon being "aided" by those investigations? What has become of the witnesses and personalities paraded in front of the television cameras and splashed into the newspaper frontpages?

Thinking aloud now, I believe we should be a little bit more critical of the processes being undertaken in the legislature, and a little bit more demanding on the accountabilities of senators and congressmen to the Filipino people.

After all, these democratic institutions (such as the legislature) are supposed to be the agencies through which our will as a people is expressed, formulated, and carried out.

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