Friday, May 1, 2009

FSGO on Jun Lozada

From the Pandayan e-group:

29 April 2009


We, the Former Senior Government Officials (FSGO), condemn in the strongest terms the arrest of Engineer Rodolfo “Jun” Lozada, over flimsy and concocted perjury charges filed by PNR General Manager Michael T. Defensor against him. His arrest stands in stark contrast to the freedom and impunity enjoyed by such allies of the current regime accused of far greater offenses -- Jocelyn “Joc-joc” Bolante, Benjamin Abalos, Romulo Neri, Hernando B. Perez, Virgilio Garcillano, Jesus Martinez, Eliseo dela Paz, and others of similar notoriety.

The minions of the current regime find it all too easy to persecute to the fullest all those who expose its abuses, and oppose its corruption and bad governance. Whistleblowers are harassed and hounded, even as obvious prevaricators and practitioners of corruption are protected, promoted, and highly rewarded. What kind of message do we thus send to our people -- that good is punished and evil rewarded?
How have we as a people come to this state of things?

We call on Mike Defensor to stop posturing as if he is the aggrieved person, even as he was clearly a participant in the cover-up of what became an aborted abduction of Jun Lozada. What moral values does he hope to impart to his young children with his vain and obstinate defense of injured pride, while participating in the cover-up of gross abuses against our people and our laws?

Jun Lozada’s persecution demonstrates how truth has been sacrificed at the altar of immoderate greed. We enjoin all sectors of our society to protest Lozada’s incarceration in the strongest terms, and show to the world that we are not helpless in fighting for our rights and freedoms, that we have not, as a people, surrendered to evil.

Refer to:

Vicente Paterno
Former Minister of Industry
Cell no. 09177957974

Karina David
Former Chair of the Civil Service Commission
Cell no: 09178343733

Teresita (Ging) Quintos Deles
Managing Trustee
International Center on Innovation, Transformation
and Excellence in Governance (INCITEGov)
Tel (632) 9144059 / Telefax (632) 6341334
Mobile (63917) 8070864
www.incitegov. org

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