Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What is at stake in the 2007 elections!

Candidates are after each others' throats! The COMELEC personnel are caught in a never-ending stream of deadlines to be met, reports to be filed, and election rules to be enforced! Citizens groups are also trying to get into the fray by organizing election-related movements such as NAMFREL, PPCRV, Bantay-Bayan, etc.

B ut amidst all these, what is really at stake in the 2007 elections? To my mind, there are three major issues whose predicament will be dependent on the outcome of the elections. The charter change issues, electoral reforms, and regime survival of PGMA.

The charter change issue may have taken a backseat at the moment, but it will continue to be a contentious issue after the 2007 elections. The move towards a unicameral parliament, federal state, and economic liberalism will be at the core of the agenda for the the next legislature. It is not surprising if the division among legislators of the upper and lower houses of Congress will be along this line.

Electoral reforms will also be a major challenge for after the 2007 elections. The recently enacted modernization law will have to be implemented.
And depending on the results of the 2007 elections, the anti-dynasty provision of the Philippine Constitution may or may not be taken seriously.

Most important however, is the fact that PGMA regime is at stake in this elections. The number of opposition congressmen and sentators winning in the election will not only be an indirect rejection of her leadership, but might as well herald her impeachment from the presidency. Thus, the administration would not take any chances in ensuring a victory of its allies.

The voters therefore would be better equipped if they approach the decision-making process with these things in mind. Instead of focusing on the propaganda materials of the candidates, they may want to raise substantial questions on the issues that matter in this election: charter change, electoral reforms, and PGMA legitimacy!

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