Saturday, March 31, 2007

On living life to the fulllest

I am in the mood for some introspection today.

As I look back to my experiences, I just realized that Im caught in the perennial struggle of doing things a little bit better, and always wanting to do a little bit more. I dreamt of living my life to the fullest.

At first I thought that doing a lot of things lead to meanignful existence. Later on, I was thinking that doing things a little bit faster will make my existence better. So there I go, enmeshed and mesmerized by the multitude of tasks, trying to accomplish a lot at the soonest posssible time.

I ended up exhausted. And until now I feel drained.

So I ask myself, is this the way of living life to the fullest?!

At the moment , another fascinating thought is nagging at me. What will make me happy? So now, I embark on another journey. A quest for personal joy and satisfaction! And oh boy, did I go looking!

But still, I feel a persistent tiredness bordering on numbness.

I dont know for sure but it suddenly dawned on me that perhaps the challenge is not about doin a lot of things or being perenially happy. Maybe its about learning how to cope with the challlenges of life. Perhaps its about asking the right questions in life. Or maybe its about looking inside oneself..

At this point of my life, only one thing is sure..i am not sure. Maybe.

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