Monday, September 17, 2012

Flashpoints for 2013!

Naga City Mayor John Bongat and the local LP team has resolved at least one thorny issue: the team's candidate for the city's vice-mayor will be incumbent councilor Atty. Nelson Legacion. Unfortunately, there are at least two more flashpoints that needs to be addressed immediately (as in prior to the filing of candidacy on October 1-5):

(1)Congressional candidate -  as of now, it continues to be a toss up between incumbent Naga City Vice-Mayor Gabby Bordado and former Solicitor General Atty. Joel Cadiz. VM Bordado is a veteran of local politics serving as councilor and vice mayor for several terms. Atty. Cadiz on the other hand is a seasoned litigator, having been a practicing lawyer in the locality and in Metro Manila. Both are supposedly close friends of the late SILG Jeese Robredo.

(2)Candidates for City Councilor - until now, the list of candidates for city councilor has not been finalized. Names of potential candidates, including former city councilors, and endorsements are cropping up left and right. The Liga ng mga Barangay has endorsed at least two from among their ranks.

These two flashpoints will be a major factor in the electoral performance of the local LP team. Their decision on the congressional candidate will determine whether the Villafuerte camp will be effectively challenged in the 2013 election. The group's decision on the line up for city councilors will also weight heavily on the predicament of "ubos kun ubos, gabos kun gabos" campaign.    

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