Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Much has been said and done about the predicament of the electric cooperatives. But still, there is a lingering sense of trouble and unease, particularly among the consumers. Where is this coming from?
Many of the things that bother the consumers come from what they do not know. And in this area, a lot can be cited. Is the CASURECO2 a cooperative? How does CASURECO2 conduct its projects and procurements? What is really the role of the consumers in CASURECO 2?
Many of the things that bother the consumers also come from what they know. Consumers are paying high electricity cost partly due to incompetence of some leaders in electric cooperatives. Many contracts are entered into without the awareness of member-consumers. Elections, it seems, are influenced by entrenched politicians. And as far as consumers are concerned, they are made to feel like mere end-users or “buyers”, not owners of the electric cooperative.

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