Monday, January 25, 2010

Security Advisory on Comelec Checkpoints

Security Advisory on Comelec Checkpoints

Guidelines on Comelec Checkpoints:

1. The Comelec/AFP/ PNP Joint Security Control Centers (JSCC)
checkpoints must be established in well
lighted areas with visible sign boards in coordination with
city/municipal election officer. It shall be
supervised by local Comelec Election Officer.

2. It must be done in a manner that will impose minimum
inconvenience upon person/s to be searched such
that the rights of the persons are not violated.

3. PNP/AFP personnel manning the checkpoints must be in complete
uniform with nameplate and led by an
officer with a rank of at least a Lieutenant (AFP) or Police
Inspector (PNP).

4. Valid search on vehicles must be authorized by a search
warrant issued by an appropriate authority.
Warrantless searches can only be conducted on the following
a. Moving vehicles and the seizure of evidences in plain
b. As long as the vehicles are neither searched nor
their occupants subjected to a body search, and the
inspection of the vehicle is merely limited
c. Vehicles where occupants appear nervous, suspicious
or exhibit unnatural reaction
d. If the officer conducting the search has reasonable
or probable cause to believe that either the occupant/s is a law
offender or that the instrumentalities or evidences pertaining
to the commission of a crime can be found in the vehicle to be
e. On the basis of prior confidential information which
are reasonably corroborated by other attendant matters.

5. PNP Police Operation Procedures shall be strictly observed
particularly in situations where search, seizure
and arrests are made including the use of reasonable force
against violent aggression.

6. Any person arrested must be turned-over to the nearest police
station, together with the arrest orders and
receipt of confiscated items. The police chief /detachment
commander shall conduct an investigation and
submit a report to the provincial or city prosecutor for
preliminary investigation.

7. All arrests shall be immediately and chronologically recorded
in a logbook.

Some helpful tips when flagged down at checkpoints

1. Upon approach of checkpoint especially at night, slow down,
dim car headlights and turn on cabin
lights. If pulled over, open window three fourths down.
Greet AFP/PNP officer, note name of the officer
and maintain contact.

2. Lock all doors; talk to AFP/PNP officers only on one side of
your vehicle. Ordinary/routine questions may
be asked. Be courteous but firm with answers.

3. Only visual search is legal. You are not obliged to open
glove compartment, trunks or bags.

4. Never step out of your vehicle. You should not be forced to
alight unless there is probable cause to believe
that your vehicle has been involved in a crime.

5. Keep your driver´s license and car registration handy, within
reach and ready for inspection when
requested by authorities.

6. Be ready to use your cell phone at any time. Speed dial
emergency numbers.

In case that your rights are violated, you may call
Commission on Human Rights Hotline 377-2477
On abuse of PNP personnel manning the checkpoints in Metro
Manila, you may call 838 -3354 / 838 -
3203 (NCRPO)

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