Friday, March 6, 2009

Schools to mobilize for 2010

Citizens participation in the electoral exercise is hardly a walk in the park. For instance, it is projected that for the 2010 elections, PPCRV and NAMFREL will need at least 500,0000 volunteers from all over the country to do the tasks of voters education, pollwatching, and quick count.

That is why I was so glad when I learned that educational institutions are mobilizing on a national scale for the 2010 elections. The COCOPEA and CEAP have inked a memorandum of agreement with the COMELEC, PPCRV, and NAMFREL.

Among others, the agreement intends to help ensure a clean and credible registered voters list; and to conduct voters education nationwide to encourage registration among first time voters. This is will be pursued in the spirit of collaboration in the following areas: (1)promotion of voters registration, (2)voters education, and (3)recruitment and deployment of volunteers.

Aside from ensuring a reliable pool of trained volunteers for citizens participation in the 2010 elections, this initiative will encourage a more coordinated and systematic learning experience among students of various schools and universities toward active citizenship.

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