Thursday, August 21, 2008

"An Tama, Tama! An Sala, Sala!"

Mons. Nono Sanado is running unopposed. It seems he will be riding high into CASURECO 2 Board of Directors fuelled by the clamor for change and passion for involvement among consumers.

This early, the prelate intends to visit each barangay for a hectic consultation schedule with electric consumers. Such process will not only be campaign sorties but also the initial organizing work for barangad-based consumer groups. It is hoped that upon assumption to office, the prelate will maintain tight working collaboration with the consumer groups in his area of responsibility.

Thus the general call of Mons. Sanado: "An Tama, Tama! An Sala, Sala!" becomes a rallying point for improving the management and service-delivery of CASURECO 2 via greater participation and involvement of the member-consumers.

Consumers are then confronted by a three-pronged challenge: 1. organize themselves and get their acts together; 2. establish working relations with Mons. Sanado, particularly on policy directions to be pursued via the Board; and 3. go out and vote on August 30 as Mons. Sanado calls for more voter turn-out in the elections.

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