Sunday, March 9, 2008

Call to action!

The broad social movement born in Naga City due to the NBN-ZTE
controversy and Lozada testimony has sustained mobilizations! Its
membership now include people from the academe, business, religious,
government, and civil society organizations.

Among the activities it had initiated are the following: (1)
motorcade/noise barrage last Feb. 25; (2)candle-lighting/noise
barrage last Feb. 29 which turned out to be among the biggest civil society-initiated political mobilization ever done in the city; (3)motorcade/noise
barrage last March 7; (4)tshirt printing; (5)signature campaign; (6)
campus fora.

There are plans to do a bigger mobilization on Friday, 14 March.
Arrangements are also being made to bring to Naga City the NBN-ZTE
witness Jun Lozada.

For those intested to take part in these initiatives, you may either
post your mesage here or send email to me.

Stop corruption! Uphold the truth! Strengthen democratic institutions!
Think, Reflect, Pray, Decide, Act Now!

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