Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Where do we go from here?

Now that the election is over, we are constrained to move on even as we keep a watchful eye on what really transpired in the just-concluded electoral exercise. What I'm saying is that we do not really move on unless our doubts are confirmed and our questions are resolved. But again, the pehnomenon of social dynamism compels us to update ourselves, to make ourselves relevant again.

An interesting question that people may want to know is the direction that the newly-elected officials will take. In the case of Naga City and the province of Camarines Sur, for example, is there a possibility of collaboration?

What are the major issues/problems retarding Bicol development? How can these be overcome? What will be the role/contribution of the LGU to the development of Bicol under their respective leader's stewardship? What opportunities for collaboration with the private sector and with other LGUs are presently available or may be explored in the future?

As I relect on this further, there may be hope for the future. Convergence may be an effective strategy to attain Bicol development.

But I would stick to a principled collaboration that is anchored on strategic development policies and programs. Instead of lip service and motherhood statements, what we need right now are concrete, measureable, and feasible interventions for the advancement of Bicolandia.

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