Saturday, May 5, 2007

Poor challenger, rich entrenched elite

Much has been said about the biblical narration of the David and Goliath fight, wherein the diminutive David prevailed in the end.

As the Phillippines enter the electoral period, people are again using the storyline to describe some electoral fights in municiplities/cities, provinces, and even in national elective positions.

But much as we want to be optimistic and idealistic, those who assumed the role of David eventaully relaize that it will never be easy to be in his shoes.

In the political arena, the Goliaths are rich, powerful, and influential giants usually entrenched in political power!

Any David coming in and getting confronted by these spectatle will surely feel a certain level of apprehension.

Fortunately, may of the Davids in electoral politics are not wanting in some of the essential traits needed to fight a good battle: courage and sincerity! Because they have the purest of intentions, they fear no one! Because they are commited to a cause that goes beyond their own interest, they fight with passion that is beyond comprehension of ordinary mortals!

Thus, if the Davids feel the apprehension at the start of the battle, the Goliaths confront the same fear in the middle and at the end of the battle. After briefly basking on the false security given by power, wealth, and influence, they eventually realize the need to dig deeper into the arsenal of self-respect, integrity, and compassion. Unfortuately, only to realize too late that they have lost these values a long time ago!

Let there be more Davids among us to humble the Goliaths!

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